Who we are

The partners

Hedan Orenstein

Founding Partner

Itamar Hoshen

Founding Partner

Hedan has 15 years of experience in the media world with an emphasis on strategic consultancy for business companies, public organizations, legal bodies and white-collar crime suspects. He manages the media operations of the Teddy Sagi Group including the following companies: LABS; Playtech; Market-Tech; Safecharge; Kape (Formerly ‘Crossrider’); Glispa and Stucco Media.

In recent years, he has handled a long list of complex high profile cases such as: the IDB share manipulation; the IDB debt settlement; the Russian desk affair; Adv. Uri Messer; Dr. Jackie Sarov; Jacky Matza and more. In addition, he has managed the complex media operations for troubled companies and stays of proceedings such as Mega; Eden Teva Market; High-Q chain; Lechem Erez; Nidar; Burger Ranch; the magazines chain Motto Media (SBC); and more.

Among his former and current clients are: Actiview; Angel's Bakery; The Ministry of Justice's Corporations Authority; Mekorot Water Co.; Netivei Ayalon; and leading law firms including Sheinman-Negev-Niv and Goldfarb Seligman.

Hedan is a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Faculty of Law, and MBA Recanati program, Tel Aviv University. A certified lawyer. In 2020 he was chosen by ICE website for The 40 Under 40 list, which honors 4o young professional people from the media, advertising, digital and public relations industry “who have triumphed in their field”.

He underwent his legal internship in the Legal department of the Israel Antitrust Authority.

Itamar has 10 years of experience in Israel's media and communications world. He served as a news editor at the leading daily newspapers Yedioth Ahronot and Israel Hayom for four years.He has an in-depth knowledge of the Israeli media and successful in forming and executing strategic marketing, public relations and branding for business organizations.

He holds an LL.B (Law and Government) from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya. A certified lawyer. In 2020 he was chosen by ICE website for The 40 Under 40 list, which honors 4o young professional people from the media, advertising, digital and public relations industry “who have triumphed in their field”.

In recent years, he has consulted a long list of organizations, business companies and law firms including: China’s Embassy in Israel; Yahoo!; Ministry of Justice's Corporation Authority; M. Firon & Co.; Yigal Arnon & Co.; Yehuda Raveh & Co.; Shavit Bar-On Gal-On Tzin Witkon; ZAG S&W; Yaron-Eldar; Paller; Schwartz & Co. and the world's largest law firm DLA Piper. As part of all this, he formed the media strategy for hundreds of legal cases and their publication in thousands of items, interviews and articles in a wide range of areas such as: high-tech, taxation, litigation, banking, real estate, planning and building, infrastructures, media, insolvency, antitrust and more.

In addition, he has advised in complex cases such as the IDB debt settlement, the stay of proceedings against the High-Q chain, the sale of Eden Teva Market, the Old Tel Aviv Bus station tender, the campaign by scientists at the Dimona reactor and more. He is an ultra-marathon runner (and has written about this) in Globes and in Shvoong.

The team

Tal Shapira

Senior Communications Consultant

Tal Shapira is a senior communications advisor, with 10 years’ experience in communications and strategic consulting.

Tal uniquely specializes in advising clients from the legal, regulatory, economic, and real estate sectors. Over the years, Tal consulted numerous firms specializing in all fields of commercial law, such as: Tadmor Levy; Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz; Yigal Arnon; Eitan Mehulal Sadot; British law firm Asserson and many more.

Additionally, Tal accompanied media operations for leading businesses, such as: Paz Group - a leading real estate consulting company; Mor Investment House; major real-estate projects as the ‘Beresheet Bavli’ building in Tel Aviv, etc. Tal also accompanied defendants in high-profile white collar cases, and worked with trustees and court appointed officials in complex cases and legal proceedings of insolvency.

Tal earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Sapir College.

Lee Shein

Head of Capital Markets Department

Lee is a senior communications advisor with 17 years of experience in communications and strategic consulting.

Lee holds unique expertise and extensive knowledge and experience in drafting and executing top-class communications campaigns, as well as ongoing PR, for various types of companies, primarily ones that trade on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange.

Throughout the years, Lee has managed and coordinated the communications and media relations of more than 50 locally and globally publicly traded companies, such as Melisron Group, Electra Group, Israel Land Development Company, Ashtrum Group, Rani Zim Group, Orbotech, Kornit Digital, Sapiens and many more. 

In addition, Lee advised U.S based Real Estate companies in issuing bonds on TASE and backed the local operations of multinational corporations, including Oracle, Verifone, Zeiss, Freescale Semiconductor, OTC, Starboard Value, and many more.

Lee earned a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, Spanish, and Latin America Studies from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Abigail Rubinger, Adv.

Senior Communications Consultant

Abigail is a senior communications consultant with 7 years of experience representing international firms and brands from a variety of fields, including energy, academia, third sector, consumerism, as well as consulting for public agencies. 

She has extensive experience in strategy formulation, journalistic writing, crisis management and conference production.

Among the companies Abigail has consulted are Israel Electric Corporation, eBay, Zalul Environmental Association, The Forum of Public Transport Companies in Israel, Holon Institute of Technology, and The Gulliver Group .

Apart from communications consulting, Abigail is a licensed attorney, a graduate of the Bar Ilan University School of Law. Her academic background includes the study of communications and diplomacy, also at Bar Ilan University.

Sari Gulko

Senior Communications Consultant

Sari is a senior communications advisor with six years of experience in communications and strategic consulting. She has previously managed leading clients within the tech and startups ecosystem and has many years of expertise in international relations and crisis management. Sari has accompanied many clients, from the stage of capital raising to IPOs on NASDAQ and other stock exchanges. Among the companies she has advised are Boeing, AT&T, Salesforce, Noble Energy, Spotify, Zebra Medical Vision, Intel Ignite, Next47, Imperva, Jfrog, Harel, and The Israel Insurance Association.

In addition to being a communications consultant, Sari specializes in entrepreneurship and innovation. As part of her master's degree, she developed innovative projects, including a collaboration with Maccabi Health Services, and developed business plans for startups. 

Sari earned a bachelor's degree in communications and management, specializing in PR and media consulting, and a master's degree with distinction in entrepreneurship, innovation, and design, from The College of Management Academic Studies in Rishon LeZion.

Mimi Strahl

Senior Communications Consultant

Mimi is a senior communications advisor with extensive experience in representing and working with international companies in a variety of fields such as technology, aviation, healthcare, and consumer goods. 

She previously held a position of Head of International Department where she provided media relations support and representation for companies lacking a local presence in Israel. Among the companies she has worked with are Netflix, Dyson, Johnson & Johnson, Cathay Pacific, and Wizz Air.

Mimi has vast experience in strategic planning, creative and corporate writing, product launches, PR events, and crisis management . 

Mimi earned a Bachelor of Arts in communications, with a major in strategic communications, from Ariel University.

Aviv Shmider, Adv.

Senior Communications Consultant

Aviv Shmider is a senior communications advisor, with more than 15 years of experience in communications and journalism, as well as a rich background in law. Prior to joining Ornstein + Hoshen, Aviv served as the Communications Advisor to the President of Israel's Supreme Court, Justice Esther Hayut, and initiated and led projects in the fields of communication and media in the Supreme Court and the entire judiciary. Prior to that, he worked in a variety of journalistic positions at Haaretz Daily Newspaper and Galey Tzahal (IDF's nationwide Radio Station), where he served as a news reporter and editor.

Aviv has an in-depth knowledge of the judicial system in its various parts, both public and private, and an exceptional specialization in the interface between it and the media. In addition, Aviv specializes in the formulation of an image strategy and communication accompaniment for global organizations, figures and private companies.

Meital Kramer Nissimi

Senior Communications Consultant

Meital is a senior communications consultant with wide experience in representing companies in the media in a variety of industries such as consumer goods, banking, healthcare, beauty, design, fashion and lifestyle. Among the companies Meital as consulted are Unilever, Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank, Lapidot Group, Proportzia esthetic clinics, Moraz natural skin saver, GIGI laboratories, HAVAIANAS, Children's furniture chain Etzmaleh and more.

Meital specializes in creative and corporate writing, product launches, PR events, crisis management, crafting a wholistic PR strategy and collaborations with influencers.   

Meital earned a Bachelor of Art in communications, with a in major in strategic communications, from Ariel University and expected to graduate in 2022 with her MBA with a major in marketing in Bar Ilan University.

Yaffi Halevi

Social Media & Digital

Yaffi is a seasoned social media manager, and advisor in the fields of digital and new media.

Yaffi is experienced in crafting a digital strategy from inception to execution, content managing, and maintaining public pages in social networks for businesses, non-profits, and high-ranking politicians. 

Prior to joining OHPR, she was a member of former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's digital team, and head of social media and website editor for Channel 14. 

During her career she gained vast experience in writing, editing, and using a various set of digital tools for different platforms. Additionally, Yaffi produced tailor-made content for different digital formats, trend monitoring for social media and digital marketing, social analytics, SEO, and more. 

Yaffi holds a Bachelor of Arts in education from Levinsky College of Education.

Dana Rapoport

Strategic Development & Operations

Dana Rapoport is a journalist and producer with 14 years of experience in content writing, editing and production. 

Dana brings unique understanding of the international media landscape as well as the non-profit sector in Israel.

Dana started her career as a foreign-news desk editor in Israel’s Channel 12 and later moved to New York where she produced news programs for Fox News and Al Jazeera America. She was responsible for covering breaking news, live special reports, daily news programs, magazine shows and high-profile interviews. 

During her decade in New York, she also produced stories as a freelance journalist and taught journalism at Brooklyn College. 

Prior to joining OHPR, Dana managed, developed, and produced an innovative six-month program for social activists, worked closely with dozens of leading journalists on collaborative projects featuring Israel’s under-represented communities.

Dana earned a Bachelor of Arts in History and Theater with distinction from Tel Aviv University and Master of Arts in Journalism from the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY.

Yael Nir

Office Manager

Yael is our office manager. She is also responsible for the office’s finances. Yael has been an integral part of our firm since day one. Over the years Yael served as an account manager in the commercial department of the Israeli newspaper Calcalist. Prior to that she was responsible for setting up the sales and distribution channel for Israeli toiletries giant ‘Sabon’ in New York.

Yael earned a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Philosophy from Tel Aviv University.