Who we are

The partners

Hedan Orenstein

Founding Partner

Itamar Hoshen

Founding Partner

Hedan has 15 years of experience in the media world with an emphasis on strategic consultancy for business companies, public organizations, legal bodies and white-collar crime suspects. He manages the media operations of the Teddy Sagi Group including the following companies: LABS; Playtech; Market-Tech; Safecharge; Kape (Formerly ‘Crossrider’); Glispa and Stucco Media.

In recent years, he has handled a long list of complex high profile cases such as: the IDB share manipulation; the IDB debt settlement; the Russian desk affair; Adv. Uri Messer; Dr. Jackie Sarov; Jacky Matza and more. In addition, he has managed the complex media operations for troubled companies and stays of proceedings such as Mega; Eden Teva Market; High-Q chain; Lechem Erez; Nidar; Burger Ranch; the magazines chain Motto Media (SBC); and more.

Among his former and current clients are: Actiview; Angel's Bakery; The Ministry of Justice's Corporations Authority; Mekorot Water Co.; Netivei Ayalon; and leading law firms including Sheinman-Negev-Niv and Goldfarb Seligman.

Hedan is a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Faculty of Law, and MBA Recanati program, Tel Aviv University. A certified lawyer.

He underwent his legal internship in the Legal department of the Israel Antitrust Authority.

Itamar has 10 years of experience in Israel's media and communications world. He served as a news editor at the leading daily newspapers Yedioth Ahronot and Israel Hayom for four years.He has an in-depth knowledge of the Israeli media and successful in forming and executing strategic marketing, public relations and branding for business organizations.

He holds an LL.B (Law and Government) from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya. A certified lawyer.

In recent years, he has consulted a long list of organizations, business companies and law firms including: China’s Embassy in Israel; Yahoo!; Ministry of Justice's Corporation Authority; M. Firon & Co.; Yigal Arnon & Co.; Yehuda Raveh & Co.; Shavit Bar-On Gal-On Tzin Witkon; ZAG S&W; Yaron-Eldar; Paller; Schwartz & Co. and the world's largest law firm DLA Piper. As part of all this, he formed the media strategy for hundreds of legal cases and their publication in thousands of items, interviews and articles in a wide range of areas such as: high-tech, taxation, litigation, banking, real estate, planning and building, infrastructures, media, insolvency, antitrust and more.

In addition, he has advised in complex cases such as the IDB debt settlement, the stay of proceedings against the High-Q chain, the sale of Eden Teva Market, the Old Tel Aviv Bus station tender, the campaign by scientists at the Dimona reactor and more. He is an ultra-marathon runner (and has written about this) in Globes and in Shvoong.

The team

Tal Shapira

Senior Communications Consultant

Tal Shapira is a senior communications advisor, with 10 years’ experience in communications and strategic consulting.

Tal uniquely specializes in advising clients from the legal, regulatory, economic, and real estate sectors. Over the years, Tal consulted numerous firms specializing in all fields of commercial law, such as: Tadmor Levy; Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz; Yigal Arnon; Eitan Mehulal Sadot; British law firm Asserson and many more.

Additionally, Tal accompanied media operations for leading businesses, such as: Paz Group - a leading real estate consulting company; Mor Investment House; major real-estate projects as the ‘Beresheet Bavli’ building in Tel Aviv, etc. Tal also accompanied defendants in high-profile white collar cases, and worked with trustees and court appointed officials in complex cases and legal proceedings of insolvency.

Tal earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Sapir College.

May Binstock Oron

Senior Communications Consultant

May is a senior communications advisor, with 7 years’ experience in communications and strategic consulting, and an integral part of the firm since its establishment. May has extensive knowledge and years’ long experience of communications consulting for corporations and MNC’s, especially within Israel’s hi-tech industry. Among the companies she accompanied in recent years are: eBay; PayPal; National Cyber Week; Deutsche Lufthansa AG; Royal Norwegian Embassy in Tel Aviv etc.

In addition to serving as a communications consultant for well known firms, May worked as a spokesperson for Samsung Electronics Israel and for the Deputy Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo.

May earned a Bachelor of Arts in Government and Society with great distinction from The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yafo.

Monica Forman

Research and Content Advisor

Monica is a research and content advisor with vast experience in writing and qualitative and quantitative research, serving previously as an academic research assistant and legal assistant at a law firm.

Additionally, Monica has years of experience as a speaker, adjudicator and debate and rhetoric’s coach in Israel and abroad. Among her achievements are: Best Speaker of the Israeli National Championship 2015, 4th Best Speaker of the European Universities Debate Championship 2016 and 6th Best Speaker of the World Universities Debate Championship 2014. Next year she will serve as the Chief Adjudicator of the European Universities Debate Championship.

Her proven experience in research, as well as her rhetorical skills, aid the team in data gathering and proofing, argument building, rebuttal etc. Monica earned a Master of Arts in the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas with highest distinction from Tel Aviv University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology-Anthropology with highest distinction from Ben-Gurion University.

Yael Nir

Office Manager

Yael is our office manager. She is also responsible for the office’s finances. Yael has been an integral part of our firm since day one. Over the years Yael served as an account manager in the commercial department of the Israeli newspaper Calcalist. Prior to that she was responsible for setting up the sales and distribution channel for Israeli toiletries giant ‘Sabon’ in New York.

Yael earned a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Philosophy from Tel Aviv University.